Guess where I am today?

I am writing you from the past!!! I am writing this Friday but posting it Saturday. Right now I am at the


I am there with my fella, Mike (duh) my wonderful friend Candy and her friend Andrew. I am lucky to have my amazing friend Breezy staying at the house keeping the pups company. She lived with us for a while and I miss it so much, it was so nice to have her around- I want her to come back!

So we are seeing the Dead Milkmen, Descendents and Off! along with lots of other awesome bands. I am hoping to discover a new band or two maybe. I remember when that would happen at Warped Tour back in the day when decent bands played it. That or I am just old as heck. I don’t know. I’d love to go back and see the line ups they use to have though. It use to be punk and ska and now it’s “punk” and “barf barf barf barf”. I’m so jaded ❤

Mike even sprung for the VIP tickets for the two of us as part of my birthday gift (he’s so swell!!) so we have access to a nice big lounge area and bar area. We are hoping there are a few free drinks with that ticket, otherwise we are gonna be sorely disappointed about it. If it sucks I might ask for the difference back. I’m worried we wasted a bunch of money on nothing. Regardless, we are going to have a rocking time and I am stoked. We are leaving later tonight so driving there is gonna be a pain, but it’s going to be a very rock and roll weekend for sure!!!


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