Favorites Friday!

So it’s September! Which means it’s almost October right? Right?

Oh no, it’s currently94 degrees out, which is the coolest it’s been in weeks! There’s a weird smattering of clouds that’s making it slightly cooler than I love to death. I just adore the gorgeous Phoenix winters I get to have, too bad the summer comes before it. For my favorites Friday, I am going to list all my favorite Fall things ❤

.getting a chill and putting on a sweater. .apple cider with a cinnamon stick. .pumpkin lattes. .warm banana bread. .putting up Halloween decorations. .seeing little kids dressed up. snuggling under a blanket on the couch. .shopping for xmas. .baking for Thanksgiving. .driving in the rain. .pumpkin scones at Starbucks. .wearing slippers. .warms showers. .sipping on soup.

These photos make me miss my house in Tempe so so so so so badly. I loved having trees everywhere. I love that place. It’s the only place since my childhood home that has felt like a home to me. I only got to live there a year and I miss it so much to this day. Even though I own my own home it’s not the same thing. I just miss living in Tempe and having an older home is just so much more appealing to me. My newer home is just that, too new.


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