Throwback Thursday- ASU Art School

So, I’m going to sound old saying this but “back when I was in college, we didn’t use those fancy digital cameras”.

Ok, well that’s a lie, I did do some digital photography, but I also did a TON of darkroom work. And I miss it so much you can’t even imagine. Loading the film into a canister in the dark bag. Figuring out the exact amount of time you need to develop, wash and fix your film. Hanging it to dry overnight, coming back and making a contact sheet. Trimming your film and sliding it into plastic sleeves. Pulling them out, dusting them off and loading in the enlarger and then finally seeing the photo big enough to actually know if it came out ok. Making a print. Developing, washing, fixing, washing. Hanging to try. Making more and more and more prints. Trying to decide which is better though most people would think they are exact duplicates, but one has 2 more seconds of exposure, and the filter is slightly higher.

As much as I appreciate and love digital, man do I miss those days. There’s a lot of love and labor in it. And you have to really treasure an image to put that much work into it. Now, you can edit and snap a photo quickly so it’s more more more. A lot of times it’s quantity over quality, which I find myself questioning about my photos all the time.

So here are some of my favorites from the glory days in the darkroom. Burning, dodging and printing for hours. I never used gloves because I loved when my hands smelt like fixer. Even when I did the “way old school printing techniques” class (can’t remember what it was actually titled) I never used gloves when I was suppose to. And those chemicals weren’t good, you couldn’t take the class if you were pregnant! I loved being down there, even when it was a pain to try to sign up for a spot in the lab, and you had to go a weird time or day, it was always so peaceful and calm in the red glow of the safe light.


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