Sunday in “Strawberry”

So this past Sunday we took a trip with Mike’s parents up north to Strawberry, AZ. Apparently there was a really good place there to eat called “Lovey Dovey” that Mike’s mom had heard about. Well, alas it was nowhere to be found and pretty much all of Strawberry is closed on Sunday. The maybe 10 buildings in the small small city of Strawberry that is.

We ended up in Pine, which is basically the same stretch of maybe a mile or two as Strawberry is on. We ate at this really darling little place called the Randall House. I was so glad we found it.

They had tons of great veg options and I got a yummy hummus wrap in a tomato basil tortilla. The bean salad basically tasted like barf, it was awful. It hurt my stomach and I only took one bite.

Mike’s mom, I think she is just adorable. She is so much like my mom isn’t kinda strange.

We shared a really yummy chocolate cream pie!

My sweet fella ❤

The Randall house was built in the 1880s- it was so old!

We stopped at a state park and I feel like a terd for not remembering the name of the bridge. It’s a natural made bridge and it was really pretty and I feel like a total ass for not remembering what it was called. Gah.

Awesome bridge, we wanna go back and hike all down it, it was too hot to go then and we didn’t have proper shoes.

This looks staged but it really wasn’t. Mike and his dad.

Me and Mike, I like this one of us!


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