Favorites Friday- Let us Give Thanks <3

Most people give thanks during Thanksgiving and maybe every once in a while. I think everyday how lucky I am. Even if it’s not all day everyday, at least once a day I can stop and have the thought “I am so lucky, even with bullshit x y and z- I am so blessed.”

I want to live in a perpetual, constant state of gratefulness. I want to constantly be looking at the world around me and feeling blessed. It’s all about attitude and training your mind away from negative thoughts. Which ain’t easy, but we gotta keep pushing on and give it our best!!!

.puppy dogs. rain on a window. photos in frames. avocado. ice cold water. the smell of a clean home. pizza. blaring punk rock music. peanut butter ice cream. fresh out of the shower-ness. yummy fruit loop smelling lotion. long phone calls that I smile the whole time. kindness from strangers. new filofax in the mail. sending postcards. getting off work early. drinking cider when it’s cold out. wearing flip flops in the heat. having more amazing friends than I have time to spend with.  making a meal with someone I love. the smell of vinyl records. donuts. dreams that seem real even though they are silly. pickles. smart tv shows that don’t make me feel like an idiot. taco bell. conversations with people I’ve just met. neatly folded clothing. high heels. trashy magazines. handwritten notes. browsing etsy. having work to do. starbucks. fake meat. sharing little moments with my amazing fella.


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