Pinup Model- Nikki Decay

Not only is Nikki one of my best friends, she is also one of my favorite muses. She’s so incredibly talented at modeling and we are always on the same page when we shoot. I am so lucky to have her as a friend and looking through photos to use for this post I realized just how long we’ve been shooting together- the first shoot we did she doesn’t even have any visible tattoos!

What is your pinup name? And your real name?
Nikki Decay real name Nikki Davy

How long have been doing pinup modeling; about how many shoots have you done?
I havent considered myself a professional model at all but my amazing friend Tara ends up getting my picture posted for this and that with prints sold so i feel quite lucky 🙂 I have probably done a half dozen shoots all together.

Where is the coolest or most exciting location you have shot at?
The coolest location i have shot for might be in a graveyard with a bunch of friends for a clothing company. That was really fun.

What’s your favorite set/look you’ve shot?
My favorite set is tied with the voodoo girl theme and my kiddos at my condo sets.

Who’s your favorite photographer? Who would you like to work with?
My favorite photographer is 666  photography at this time. I dig the backrounds. I would like to work with her, I think it would be cool.

What is your dream shoot? Where would it take place? What would be the concept?
I think my dream shoot would be in a graveyard in Louisianna. I would think it would be cool to do a gypsy style seance shoot- crystal balls and turbans with monkey paws I think would be pretty bad ass.

What clothing/accessories sites do you like to buy from?
I like to buy accessories and clothes from etsy. They have such great stuff you would never find anywhere else.

Any advice or words of wisdom for other models looking to get into pinup?
Advice for the pin up ladys…. stay classy… I see too many girls that go too far for the sake of looking sexy and it ends up looking more trashy than anything. I think its a fine line and finding photographers that know that is important.


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