Tattoo Tuesday- Me and Candy match!

So, I’ve known Candy for ages and we are basically lesbian lovers who are straight. We have so much in common and have been through so much together, it only made sense to get matching tattoos. We use to joke about hearts on our butt or something, we had all sorts of silly ideas. But when the idea of a record player came up we knew it was only perfect. We worked together at Zia Records in Tempe, AZ for almost 3 years and have been to countless shows together. Of course, we had Nikki do the honors and she did not disappoint. I am so happy with my new tattoo (even though right now it’s the super gross flaky stage) and am stoked to be matching Candy forever and ever!

We flipped a coin and I went first. Thank the Lord!

So much pain, I hate getting tattooed

This is fake excitment, obviously

Candy getting started

So darling!!

Nice and colorful, duh!

Candy powering through it

Getting close

Me and CB

Awkward pose

Much better, awesome high raising tattoo chair!

Finished product

Close up

Bouncing Souls record

Against Me! tickets

Us ladies all together!

And Nikki’s new puppy!

I can’t get over this pup, he looks so much like Miss Edina!

Gah, I wish I could still pick Edina up like this!

If you want to book a tattoo with Miss Nikki I HIGHLY recommend her- she is incredible.

Her phone number is 602-367-8098 and she is in the Phoenix area.


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