Music Monday- Dead to Me

Dead to Me is on of my favorite bands for sure. Their lyrics are incredible and the music makes it so you can’t do anything but just rock n’ roll.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Dead to Me a few times and they never disappoint live. They have so much energy and passion, you can tell they really feel what they are playing. They are a really enjoyable live experience.

Dead to Me started in 2003 after the breakup of One Man Army (another amazing band). They put out Cuban Ballerina on Fat Wreck in 2006, which is one of the most amazing album in my own musical history. I of course own it on CD and vinyl

Their second album came out in 2009, African Elephants. The singer and founding member Jack Dalrymple was gone, but replaced with an impressive new member Nathan Grice. And even though Dead to Me was long called “Dalrymple’s new band”- the release of African Elephants proved that the band was continuing in a totally amazing direction.

The only question I have for Dead to Me is when the heck are they going to record another album because I am very sick of waiting!!!

Dead to Me- Cause of My Anger


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