Pinup Model- Nikki Nekro

Not only is Nicole one of my favorite models I’ve worked with, she does kickass styles for shoots. I have used her for a few shoots and hopefully will keep using her for years to come! She’s amazing!

1. What is your pinup name? Nikki Nekro   And your real name? Nicole Lisenbee

2. How long have been doing pinup modeling; about how many shoots have you done?Ive been doing pinup modeling for 2 years now but modeling since I was 16. Ive done roughly around 8-10 shoots with lots more coming up!

3. Where is the coolest or most exciting location you have shot at? I loved shooting at lake pleasant it was fun finding new places to give the shots different looks. I also had fun chasing down an ice cream truck for a shot with Ms Tara O!

4. What’s your favorite set/look you’ve shot? My white trash look was by far the most fun and one of my favorites. I feel like it was something different then the usual pinup look. Classy but white trashy all at the same time!

5. Who’s your favorite photographer? Who would you like to work with? Ive shot with a lot of amazing photographys but probably some of the more fun ones were with Tara O, Laconic Images, and Vintage-Edge Photography. I wouldnt mind shoot with No Regrets Photography. I love the colors and the feel of the shoots.

6. What is your dream shoot? Where would it take place? What would be the concept? My dream shoot would be by a waterfall in another country or even here in Northern Arizona. I love water and have always wanted to shoot in it or by it. I think id want to do a mermaid concept lots and lots of florescent colors!

7. What clothing/accessories sites do you like to buy from? Im a thrift shop person myself. Ive found some of the most amazing clothes at goodwill, savers, etc. Ive bought a few odds and ends from

8. Any advice or words of wisdom for other models looking to get into pinup? Be persistant find photographers who are looking to build there portfolios as well as yours. Be confident in your body and who you are and it will show up on the camera.


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