Pinup Model- Miss Jessadoll

I’m so excited to feature on of my favorite clients today! Miss Jessadoll is just downright gorgeous and sweet as pie. I love her images so much and am so looking forward to working with her again someday!

1. What is your pinup name? And your real name?
    Pinup Name: Miss Jessadoll
    Real Name: Jessica Hoyungowa

2. How long have been doing pinup modeling; about how many shoots have you done?
    I have been doing pinup modeling for a little over a year. Although I have not done this for very long, I absolutely love it! I have done about 7 shoots and I learn something new each and every time.

3. Where is the coolest or most exciting location you have shot at?
    The coolest location I have shot at was at The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum in San Diego, CA. This museum is dedicated to preservation of the Marine Corps Aviation History. It is filled will memorbilia from the earliest days of Marine Corps Aviation and also has an outdoor display of vintage aircrafts. I was shooting for the 2012 Pinups for Patriots Calendar so it was such an honor to be shooting at a great place!

4. What’s your favorite set/look you’ve shot?
   My favorite set that I have shot was with Tara O. Photos of course! I had a very cool 40’s inspired dress with a cute vintage clutch that I had found 2 days before my shoot. It was meant to be! My hair was styled perfectly to fit the whole look of my outfit and my makeup was smokin! I also had so much fun on set with Tara, who is such an awesome lady!

5. Who’s your favorite photographer? Who would you like to work with?
My favorite photographer is Roy Varga from Varga Photography. His work is so amazing and I would love to work with him some day!

6. What is your dream shoot? Where would it take place? What would be the concept?
There are a lot of concepts that I would love to try but my ultimate dream shoot would be in an actual Jungle with my “Jane” outfit on lol. Call me crazy but I would love to pose with a jaguar too.

7. What clothing/accessories sites do you like to buy from?
To be quite honest, I hardly ever shop online for my clothing. Its all about thrift shopping! You can find me at the nearest Savers, Goodwill, or local thrift shop! I recently found a Pinup Couture dress for $8 at Savers!! Now thats a deal!
As far as accessories, I like to buy from Lucky Luv Accessories! This business belongs to a friend of mine and her accessories are awesome!!! Just look up Lucky Luv Accessories on Facebook:)

8. Any advice or words of wisdom for other models looking to get into pinup?
Confidence is key!


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