New Hair!

So this weekend I got to get my hair even more red and brighter! I am eventually going to be red all over but doing it slowly so I don’t fry my whole head at once!

My hair was done by the amazing Alissa Georgevich at Taglio Salon and I highly highly recommend her. She’s absolutely brilliant and a total sweetheart. And the girl knows what she is doing for sure. I will keep going back to her no questions- she’s just awesome pure and simple. Let me know if you need any more information and if you do go see her please tell her I sent you!

Noodles on the go!

Before- aren’t you suppose to be sad in before photos right?

My good friend Breezy is a receptionist there and she is here trying to get her bangs to behave by re-washing them. Haha!

During, I love the foil head look, um not!

Too much hair, she has to clip it all funny.

Here I am after, the shade is just lovely- I love being bright red!!!


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