Music Monday- Operation Ivy

So, if you listen to punk, you listen to Op Ivy. If you’ve never listened to Op Ivy then shame on you and you need to go have a listen! And if you are one of those people who think they are “overrated” then you are completely bananas and I don’t even want to talk to you!

Operation Ivy is one of the bands that really molded my taste for music. They influenced so many bands after them and also broke off into lot of other awesome bands. Their lyrics are brilliant (oh Jesse Michaels I love you!) and their energy is just crazy. Their music is rebellious loud and downright raw punk rock.

The first Operation Ivy song I heard was in high school on a mix cd I got from my friend Travis. It was the song “Freeze Up” and I fell in love. I got the lyrics and sat and listen to it over and over until I knew every word and could sing along with all the rage and passion I related to. Awww, to be young and fall in love with punk rock.

After two years the band broke up and half of them went on to form Rancid, which is one of my favorite bands and one I was heavily into in high school. The singer, Jesse Michaels also form Common Rider, which put on perhaps one of the most perfect albums in my mind “Last Wave Rockers”. I got to see Common Rider way back in the day before I was even into them yet and instantly fell in love. I knew Jesse Michaels had been in Operation Ivy so I bought the album and got him to sign it (or rather convinced Travis to ask him to sign it for me). I am so glad I did, my most prized record is my signed copy of “Last Wave Rockers.”

Enough about Common Rider, really Operation Ivy is just pure and simple genius. I don’t know how many times I have listened to “Energy” and I still can’t get enough. It comes on in a crowd while a band is setting up and pretty much everyone in the crowd knows all the words. They are just awesome and I highly recommend checking them out if you don’t already listen to them.


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