The Ache to Bake

So as much as I love sweets, what I really love is making them. Cookies, cupcakes, candies. I just love it and I love giving them away. At Christmas time I think I get a little too crazy with the baking, but I just can’t help it. Baking cups excite me, my KitchenAid makes everything easier, I love my heart shaped baking cups and the smell of something baking in my home just fills my heart with happiness.

So I decided to throw together a little wishlist, I certainly have a fair amount of baking gear (and a lime green kitchen to bake in!!) but it’s always fun to look at more, even if I don’t have the cash to buy it all up.

Of course, you must start with an apron. I have two vintage aprons I use most that are made of dish towel material, basically just a dishrag with straps to tie around you. It’s the best because it’s absorbent and get any little job done, though, not as cute obviously as some of the others in my collection. I love half aprons, though full aprons can be amazing too. I had heard of Cupcake Provocateur and remember looking at them before, but when I just dug through the whole site, holy crap I want it all! If I had had had to chose, it would be this guy, so that when I walked over to my living room with it on, I would match my curtains. I just love damask print- and a heart shaped pocket, I just die!

Marylin Apron- Damask Dame

Though, I think this Halloween Betty Apron in Monster Mash print is pretty epic and I would love to have it to make cupcakes in my Martha Stewart amazing cupcake liners I got on clearance in November of last year!

So maybe on a more practical side than the amazing aprons, is silicone bakeware. I love love love this stuff. I only have one 6 muffin pan and I need it all. This set is perfect and already in my Amazon wishlist (under if you have gobs of money you don’t know what to do with!) and will hopefully be mine for Christmas. Silicone just bakes so well and is about a thousand times easier to clean than metal pans for sure.

It thought wandering around the baking aisles at Joann and lusting after baking knick knacks  was bad, but oh my word, is so much much worse! I mean, there’s so much to look at, food coloring, baking cups, toppers, sprinkles, cookie cutters…I could easily spend hundreds on this awesome website.

This pink is perfection, what person doesn’t need a hot pink birthday cake?

Hounds Tooth baking cups!!!! Oh my Lordy!

I wanna make cake pops on these adorable paper straws!

They make skull sprinkles? Who knew!!

One of my favorite cookbooks, bakebooks? What if it’s all cupcake recipes? Cupcakebook? Anyways, it’s Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! There’s not a ton of weird ingredients and you can make some of the best flavors ever. My favorite is pineapple upside down cake! I even got this book on for maybe 6 or 7 bucks with shipping, it’s totally worth owning. And don’t let anyone tell you vegan goodies aren’t as tasty, you can’t even tell a difference!

Now the last item I want is something that I may have to ditch at one point in my baking adventures. Baking in just an apron? Oh lala!…which might work better if I decide I can’t wait and start baking in this dumb Phoenix heat! Though pretty much any dress from Heartbreaker Fashion makes me swoon, I feel like the Sweetie Dress in Strawberry Dimensions would match perfectly with the apron I want!

Happy Baking if you are in a cooler climate, and if not, hope you aren’t like me with the nagging ache to bake! It doesn’t help keep the electric bill down, that’s for dang sure!


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