Oh No! Not the dentist!!!

So here’s the thing about the dentist, like most people I hate it. But I cry, every time. Not sure how normal that is. I have a huge fear of the dentist that stems back to a not very nice one that I had when I was younger.

Both my parents have bad teeth, so I got extra bad teeth. I’ve always taken good care of my teeth though, sure like everyone I don’t floss as much as I should, but really I don’t see how I deserve all the issues I’ve had. I’ve had two root canals, lots of fillings, a tooth pulled, and now as of yesterday- two teeth pulled.

I was nervous all day yesterday and ended up not eating lunch, which was a big mistake. I ended up being really hungry and was at the dentist 2 and half hours. Of course I cried while they were doing the deep gum cleaning. So then I moved rooms and luckily had the blanket they had because it was so cold. They started doing everything to get ready to put the cap on my tooth. I had gotten a medical credit card to pay the $500 something for the procedure.

Well, turns out that they realized I needed either a implant or a bridge. $3000 or $1000. So obviously, my tooth got pulled for $85, which sucks but I really didn’t have an option. I can’t believe sometimes how insanely unaffordable dental care can be. It makes me angry. And I have dental “insurance” but apparently it doesn’t do anything. Nothing went towards my work yesterday, all out of pocket.

So of course I had to get even more numb (which I completely hate) for them to start pulling the tooth out. The pressure feels so strange and of course hearing my tooth crack in half isn’t exactly pleasant. I cried more when they pulled it out and luckily the dental assistant is the same who’s always been there and she is really sweet. It’s funny though because you can tell she doesn’t really like the dentist much, but she did a good job of trying to calm me down. I was literally visibly shaking when I was done, from being so nervous and having barely eaten anything.

I stopped at the store on the way home and got some morningstar chicken patties. I ate two of those and tiny bit of soup but my mouth/jaw was so sore. Mike took good care of me and after watching some Mad Men I got some photo-y business done. If only I could spend 8 hours a day working on my photo business, I think I’d be so much more successful with it.

Woke up at 3:30 with horrible pain and swelling. Put ice on it and waited for more Ibprofen to kick in and finally fell back asleep for a bit. Now I’m at work and it’s doing ok, drinking water and ate some yogurt. I just went and got a Starbucks iced latte too, which is helping me wake up a bit. I just feel groggy and like I want to lay around. I really wish I could have called into work today, but I feel like that might have been a tad over dramatic.

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