Bloggin’ Lovin’

So, since I’ve becoming privy to the “blog world” in the past 8 or 10 months, I really have found a lot of amazing and inspiring blogs to keep up with and read. So I thought I would share so you can read some of my amazing finds and let me know if there’s anything you think I should be reading- I LOVE recommendations ❤

It all started when I found a little article in BUST magazine for galadarling…

I find Gala’s blog so inspiration and I just love how positive she is about everything! It’s so refreshing and uplifting to read her advice and viewpoint and I strive to be as happy and content as she seems to be and love reading her insight. I highly recommend her site and I’ve read REALLY far back into the archives too, so much wonderful words of encouragement, and visual eye candy! She just got married and I can’t wait to see all the photos of this gorgeous lady and her handsome man.

This is a daily read for me for sure. I just love reading about Danielle’s little family- her husband and baby boy are too cute. They are actually settled in Northern Arizona, so a photoshoot is a possibility at some point in the cooler months coming up, she is also is planning on doing a giveaway for a free shoot with me (I think she still is? She said she was going to!)

Boy oh boy, doesn’t this site make me want to get married or what? I never was a girl to daydream about wedding details, but now, I have almost daily daydreams about getting hitched to Mike. Who knows if that will happen, we aren’t quite there yet and obviously both don’t want to rush into it, but if/when we do get married, it is going to be so fucking (excuse my french!) rad! And mostly because this blog has given me a zillion ideas!

Dear Lord, I want to be this girl’s friend so badly. She just seems like one of the coolest kids in the world. Basically, she’s adorable and posts awesome recipes and is just awesome and I love reading her blog. She says she’s in the works of a book and I am so dang stoked for it!

This little lady is so darling and I love how much cute stuff she posts. She has great tattoos and is super adorable and a very positive lady too- notice a trend? I love me some positivity! Is it weird to read blogs on the internet and feel like you would be great friends with someone you never met?

I just found this one really recently and I love love love it. I’ve gathered that she use to live in Arizona, but got out- I am so jealous! One day I will be gone from the heat! : ] I am just digging through her archives but so far, I am totally loving it!

I figured since most of my blogs have lead from one to another to another I will keep finding new reads, which is very excited. I don’t know how much I am being read, but for now that’s not important. It’s nice to have an outlet, and I do hope to get my blog redesigned to look even better. I need to figure out how to add my logo! I think it’s just an awesome way though for anyone interested in my photos and my work to see a little more about me and my life…if they want to!


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