Summertime in Phoenix

Every year I loathe summer. Obviously, being in Phoenix, it gets ridiculously hot. At the moment it is ONLY 93 degrees. Yesterday when I got in my car at 4pm it was 111 degrees outside. It’s insane.

I try not to let the heat get me down and this summer I’ve been doing much better than the past. Heat really doesn’t work with me, I know it probably doesn’t for most people, but some people don’t mind it nearly as much as I do. I get nausea, and I get killer headaches. I cannot go out into the sun without sunglasses and if I start to overheat, watch out because I can go into really bitchy mode.

The point is, that while I enjoy summer fashion and tank tops and sandals and going swimming, especially because I am in my amazing gold swimsuit from Fables by Barrie (see below, and go to, I don’t like the summer here in Phoenix. For me, I love Phoenix during about October to maybe somewhere in April or May. We have the perfect winters, cold but not too cold and I just simply love that time of year anyways. You get Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and then a whole new year to start! I am itching for the heat to leave and for it to be “fall” and for it to cool off. Though, if we had more monsoon action I will take that for now if I have to :]

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