Favorites Friday!!!

Rockabilly Royale!
I had so much fun last weekend at this event and got some amazing photos of some adorable ladies! I have posted 2 sets so far and still have another, plus some random shots of some other girls and the event itself! I had taken 771 photos that day! Yowza- granted some were of me trying to get lighting on the way home, it was storming like crazy, it scared me!

Lemon Yogurt!
In fact, really lemon anything. It’s the perfect summer fruit. Even just a lemon floating in a glass of water, mmmm, so simple and so yummy! But right now, I am loving Trader Joe’s lemon yogurt. Yoplait is good too. With a dab of honey and dash of cinnamon, oh boy. So good!

There are butterflies all over my neighborhood from the field right next to us. They are all over and I simply love it. The first was I saw was the other day when I walked out my door to go to work, it flew right in front of me. The same thing happened last year and I am so glad they are here to visit again. Last year, when I was on a bike ride, one flew literally right in front of my face and I almost ran into it! They are so yellow and pretty!

Mad Men!
I am so glad they finally put this up on Netflix! I have heard so much about it and dying to see it. Me and Mike have been digging it a lot. I basically want every single outfit the women wear on that show. It is so awesome and kind of crazy with everyone sleeping with everyone else, it’s pretty awesome.

I am getting so excited for Halloween, even though I know I still have a ways to go. Me and Mike are mulling over costume ideas (I think we have a good one- who’s having a party??) and I am so so so so so excited to do a HUGE Halloween shoot. I need to make the flyer this weekend and start getting people booked so I can have enough deposits to start getting all the materials. I seriously cannot wait!

Remodel time!
Me and Mike enjoyed saw awesome couch time the other night with the TV off (this is an old photo! just so you can see my living room!) and we spent time talking about all the differences we want to make to my house. Even though I own it, that house is as much of Mike’s home as it is mine, I only lived there maybe 7 or 8 months before he moved in and he was over a lot before that anyways! I’m not sure what we are all gonna do but it will probably involve knocking a wall down, which I am VERY excited about!

Hope you all have a glorious weekend and if you are thinking of booking with me for my Halloween shoot keep an eye on my facebook for details (I will post too here of course though!) facebook.com/taraophotos

I have an awesome shoot tomorrow, but probably won’t be able to share much of, since they are going to be fun nudie photos for two girls to give their fellas! I love when girls get photos to give their significant other! So freaking awesome!


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