My First Date with Mike

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Describe a “first” (first date, first lie, the first time you experienced something, first time in a particular setting, etc). Include as many details as possible to paint a picture.

I want to talk about my first date with my wonderful fella, Mike, because it was a truly magic evening and one I will never forget!!!

I met Mike on (or as we refer to it I was having a REALLY rough time shortly after moving into my house and being by myself and being terrified of what was happening and what was going to happen. My friend Mandie told me I should try out a dating site and even though I was apprehensive, I ended up doing it on a Saturday evening while hanging out with Nikki at the tattoo shop she use to work at, while I was waiting for her to finish tattooing. (Phew- was that a run on sentence or what- haha!)

I found Mike’s profile right away and we actually ended up messaging each other basically right at the same time. He joined the site only a few hours before me and we started talking about music and our jobs and whatever. After a little online talk, he got my number and we had some amazzzzing phone conversations talking about music (I know- it’s what I talk about best). After about a week or so of phone calls and some flirty texting I asked him when he was going to take me to dinner when we were talking about Green (an awesome vegan place in Tempe).

Basically I had a small heart attack on the way to our date. I was so excited to see him in person and be able to talk to him and stoked to see how it goes. When I got out of the car I felt a weight life as I walked towards a handsome fella in an adorable scally cap with a sweet face who gave me a huge hug. We ate dinner and talked like crazy, and he paid like a real gentlemen does. After that we went down the road to the Scottsdale Art Museum, which was closing right when we got there. So we ended up walking all around the plaza area where the museum is at talking non stop about everything, it was one of those conversations where you just want to try to tell the other person everything you’ve ever done or known or thought.

As we were walking, we were going along the side/back of this resort hotel place and were inside all of these trees. It was super romantic and then out of nowhere is a BED!! Now if that isn’t the universe saying “go cuddle” I don’t know what is. We layed down, of course still shy and were just chatting away for a while, I honestly couldn’t tell you about what because all I could hear is my brain screaming “When is he going to kiss me DARNIT?” Eventually he did and we had a nice little moment that was basically out of a movie plot!

We’ve spent almost everyday together since, of course not always, we did live on opposite ends of the Valley for a while. And now we live together in my house with our amazing puppies and basically live a non stop awesome party together. He is amazing and we love each other so much!

First photo of us, taken at the opening of a gallery show I was a part of. This was taken maybe about 2 months after we met. We are drinking wine out of fancy paper cups and I am making a horrific face! I remember wanting a photo of us together so badly and now I have a zillion!


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