I love Fridays and these things as well right now

It’s up and rocking, still some bugs and kinks to smooth out but it’s there and it’s awesome and my brother is the best ever!!

Basically, much to my boyfriend’s worry, I have been obsessing over this blog. I never really have been the “imagining my wedding” type of girl, but holy cow, this blog makes me want to have the most amazing awesome wedding ever. So many ideas, so much inspiration. I think i am going to throw a fun little ice cream social style party- but of course with lots of liquor as well. I just need to feed my need for party planning right now.

*these shoes!*
I’ve been looking over at theshoegirl.blogspot.com a lot and I came across these and about died. I love the color and the style and they are just perfect. I couldn’t have come up with them if I tried but they are perfectly me. I love Vivienne Westwood.

*Miss Mandie Bee*
This lovely lady runs HeartbreakerFashion.com with her mama and she is just spectular. We talked on my lunch yesterday and she asked if I wanted to do a promotion with her at Viva Las Vegas and giving girls who book a shoot with me a free dress. Well, of course I said yes and by the time I was home last night all my slots were booked up! I didn’t even get a chance to promote it anywhere, I am so thrilled. I am still booking other shoots outside of her promotion, but right now I only have time to shoot 3, maybe 4 more girls while I am there.

*vegan makeup*
I wrote an article at work about vegan makeup and now I am going to switch over myself. Once I run out of what I have I am going to start buying vegan products. It just makes sense, I don’t want to put stuff on my face that isn’t all natural and has icky chemicals in it. Gross.

*eating at home*
I actually have this towel hanging in my kitchen! Me and my boyfriend have been eating at home a lot more than we were and I am so proud of use. We are saving money, eating better and spending awesome time in the kitchen with one another. I think it’s super important to do, especially if you are a family with kids. The clean up part sucks, but it’s good to do!

*New Olreans trip*
11 days and counting!! Me and Jessica (left) are going to visit Lisa (right) in her new home! I’ve known Jessica since the first day of high school and I’ve known Lisa since first grade! We are going to have so much fun and of course have an awesome NOLA photoshoot!

I am so grateful for everything coming my way right now. Things are going wonderfully and moving at a very rapid speed- I couldn’t be happier. I am so proud of myself and lucky to have such an amazing and great boyfriend who supports me and keeps me going everyday.


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